***DWE 2017 Dust’47 Main Event/Narrative Game***

The Kondor has Landed

The situation:

Axis forces are desperate to achieve a breakthrough towards final victory in Mesopotamia. Towards this end the general staff has come up with an audacious plan. By driving deep into the desert they will outflank Allied positions, destroy them from the rear and claim the prize. In order to successfully outflank the enemy, Luftwaffe troops will launch air landings to capture the few oasis deep in the desert and establish supply bases. Then the Axis armored forces, led by 21st panzerlaufer kompanie and commanded by Rommel will out flank and destroy the enemy. Barring any unforeseen circumstances this will ensure victory in the Land of Two Rivers…

The Games:

There will be two types of games for this narrative event; Main Event (ME) games and Intermission Missions (IM) games. Because this is a narrative event there will be no ‘grand champion’. Instead players will play games of Dust to achieve victory for their factions (Victory points are scored for winning games). They will also accrue points for themselves (Glory Points, which will be awarded for having painted armies, costumes etc). At the end of the day, the faction with the most Victory points, wins the event. The player from each faction who has the most Glory Points will be recognized as that faction’s #1 General.

Each ME game will be 1 hour in length while each IM game will be 45 minutes.

Main Event game:

There will be three of these. The first will focus on an Axis attack to capture the Oasis. The second will be an armored battle deep in the desert and the third will be an Allied counter attack. SSU forces are active in the area too and will play a roll.

Players will not only be allowed to play a different army (but must play the same faction!) for each ME game but in fact will be encouraged to do so. For example; for the first scenario an Axis player who has 100 points of only Luftwaffe will receive 10 Glory Points. In the second scenario he will receive 10 Glory points if he has 100 points of only vehicles etc. The player may use the same army throughout the event but can only receive the glory point bonus for scenarios in which his army meets the requirements. (Players will also score Glory points for destroying units, being fully painted or premium, achieving other goals TBA). I will provide a list of armies for each faction for each round of the event once hard copies of the books and cards are available to all.

Though this narrative event is focused on allies and axis, SSU players will not be neglected. If we have an even break down of 1/3 1/3 1/3 then they will fight for their own faction. If we have odd numbers then they will fight for one of the other factions but will accrue their own Glory points. The SSU’s plan is merely to sow confusion amongst the Axis and Allies and set them against one another.

Each game will be 1 hour in length. Player’s who end their game in under an hour will receive the Blitz or Stalwart Defender bonus. This bonus means they double their Glory Points gained in that game. They may also begin another game (one that will most likely not finish but will allow them to accrue more Glory points).

Intermission Missions:

At the conclusion of each of the ME games there will be a 45 minute intermission. During this time players may get something to eat or drink, use the facilities or participate in one of the IM games. This will also allow time for people to pack/unpack their armies for the next ME game and allow my helpers to set the terrain for the next ME game. As these games will be structured in a drop in/drop out format, people can play for the full 45 minutes or just for 15 minutes and still have an impact on the course of the event. What happens in the first IM game effects what happens in the second IM game. All IM games will provide miniatures and cards for the players, they will only need their dice and rulers. No Victory points will be scored for these IM games, however players will receive Glory Points for achieving certain objectives (regardless of what faction they play on the ME games).

The first IM game, to be played once the first ME game is concluded, will be Raid on Ivanesk Airfield. This will be four 3x4 tables/mats each set up the same way. The game will feature 4 squads of Spetsnaz infiltrating an allied airfield in the dead of night. Their mission will be to destroy several objectives (a parked Pelican, radar, AA gun).

The Second IM game will be played after the second ME game and will be an air battle. 3 6x4 mats with 9 Hortons defending transports against 12 (or fewer depending on the first IM game results) Pelicans. We will provide simplified cards, measuring sticks, aircraft etc to facilitate the battle. Depending on how many transports make it to the edge of the board (or are surviving at the end of the 45 minutes) they will have an impact on the final ME game. i.e. there will be FJ drops for the axis players (the Allied counter attackers will have a points advantage against the Axis defenders) dependent on the results of IM 2.

At the conclusion of the event the faction with the most victories will have won the Day of the Kondor event.